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Importance of a Foundation

Your home’s foundation is one of its most important but easy-to-overlook aspects. A damaged foundation causes your home to become unstable and can lead to an assortment of expensive repairs. At Planit Dirt we can help with repairs to your existing foundation or a new foundation installation.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair or Replacement

When your home’s foundation requires repair or replacement there will be signs that are hard to miss. If you see any of the below signs or damage to your property you should contact us today for more information and a free estimate.

  • Cracks to your floors, walls, windows, or door frames.
  • Windows and doors start to stick when they did not before.
  • Water damage or intrusion due to foundation leaking.
  • Stoop and porches start to sink into the ground.
  • Your chimney starts to lean at an angle.
  • Sagging floors or crawlspace damage.
  • Walls bending inward.

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The Causes and Dangers of Foundation Damage

When your home’s foundation has been damaged, this is a repair need you cannot ignore. Without professional repair, a damaged foundation can lead to issues with your home that can cause it to lose structural integrity and become unsafe. In addition, without prompt repair, a damaged foundation can lead to other home repair needs. The causes of foundation issues are chiefly due to three root causes.

  1. Stem Wall Damage: Your home’s stem walls serve as support and connect your home’s slab to other structures such as walls and flooring. Damage to the stem wall can put pressure on your home’s concrete slab, damaging it.
  2. The Foundation Settles: As the soil underneath your home’s foundation shrinks due to time or environmental conditions, this can damage the slab on top of it.
  3. Foundation Heave: This is related to the above. As the soil settles it can cause other areas to rise over time, creating an uneven surface that can lead to cracks.

Why Choose Us?

When you need foundation pouring in Jacksonville, we know you have a choice in contractors. At Planit Dirt we offer custom foundation design, with no hidden fees, and we are properly licensed for all the work we do. As a BBB member with over two decades of experience in the field, you can trust us and the work we do.