Willie Gilmore September 21, 2022

Willie Gilmore

"I originally requested an estimate March 2017 for a simple additional driveway to my back yard fence/gate to keep my truck from getting stuck in the soggy yard. While I initially didn't give the ok to start this project until I received additional estimates over the following 2 months...I did agree to use Planit Dirt for this service by the end of May. However, the company was never able to keep a 'concrete' scheduled time to install this driveway through the rest of the 2017 year. I had originally given up since the project wasn't a full necessity. By early March of this year (2018), I wanted to try getting this driveway installed once again, and my first option was again Planit Dirt due to their reasonable quote and references. Within 2 days of a request to install the driveway or just even get a new additional driveway was installed at the original quoted price a year earlier. I was very pleased with their efforts to make sure I was happy with the progress."
Jimmy Sinks September 21, 2022

Jimmy Sinks

"When JR first came to our home it was contractor and home owner. After accepting his bid it went from contractor/homeowner to "partners". Both knowing our roles and both reaching for a common goal. His team kept us in the loop at every phase - great stuff!! The patio turned out phenomenal. We love it - still need our awning from a different company, but the concrete portion is perfect. Thanks JR and Thanks to a dedicated crew. Even pouring and stamping concrete in blistering 105 degree heat index temperatures. Well done my friend, well done. Oh, and never met JR or heard of Planit Dirt prior to this experience. Nice, really nice. Attached are before and after pics. JR and team was not responsible for demo of the deck."